Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analysis Paper - Essay Example Moreover, he has even-keel temperament and has ability for consensus-building. He's also a talented, introspective writer. However, Barrack Obama is more discussed from political and presidential point of view. This research paper discusses different forums where people have given their true opinions or reflections about Mr. Barack Obama. Reflections on Barack Obama The people opinions or reflections from online blogs, social networking websites, newspapers and articles are summarized as follows Online Blogs In an online blog, answering a question an individual stated that Barak Obama is the best president up till now the US has elected (Scifiman, 2007). Another user commented that he is a very courageous man who is continuously trying his best to satisfy the needs of the country. Moreover, his promise to make Washington work more transparent is appreciated. People have remarked him as hard worker who hasn’t turned his back on anyone. Some people appreciate the work of Mr. Oba ma commenting that all countries must have a president like him to make world a safer and gentle planet (Newbie, 2007). People have wished him success in all upcoming years and want him back again as president of US. Moreover, people believe that he is the one who will keep promise to strengthen US nation and will improve the lives of American nation (Troxler, 2008). Cammillie (n.d.) says that President Obama is better than the rest of the people and therefore he should be re-elected. Sarcastically, some people view him as best teleprompter reading (Sheltan, 2007). Although, he did well very little; but his speeches are heard by many. Moreover, Orson Scott Card (2008) comments that Obama's limited attitude about global warming and energy will add cost burden on America's poor people. Obama’s views on war are disagreed by most of the people. Deborah (n.d.) says that US must now stop invading other as the burden is shifted towards American taxpayer. Paying taxes kills American people. Moreover, people are against war which has resulted in sowing many social evil factors within American society such as drug abuse, disability, depression etc. People are more of view to have peaceful life. Rossmarie (n.d.) says that Obama is deceiving US nation by pretending that he is a transparent, moderate and unifying candidate. Moreover, he is destroying US military. Bobbie (n.d.) comments that Barrack Obama is a cold-hearted US hater who is somewhat responsible for the high debt that the country is facing in its history. Social Networking Websites Barack Obama is being discussed on Social media websites as well such as face book and twitter. Many face book pages are created on Barack Obama were people writes their comments, add videos, images etc. A quick survey of face book page shows that more people like him as their leader and have positive reviews regarding his presidency. The only thing that people discourages about his leadership is the increased tax burdens and war killings. However, besides appreciating US president, some people are against him and do not like his leadership. Slogans such as Go-Obama and No-Obama were observed my few individuals (Barrack Obama (b), 2012.). Similarly, social networking users have tweeted Barack Obama’s page on Twitter where the people’s opinion and discussions are same as that in face book (Barrack Obama News, 2012). Newspapers and articles New York Times has encouraged Obama as his victory is evidenced as he took

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