Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Comparing and contrast efficiency of on job training and e-learning in Research Proposal

Comparing and contrast efficiency of on job training and e-learning in the petrochemical plants - Research Proposal Example The research study will identify how valuable training is for employees at the petrochemical plants and for employees working at the petrochemical industry. Training techniques will also be analyzed and compared, and the effectiveness of these training methods will be discussed. Petrochemical industry is an important industry for the economy and employees working in the industry need to be efficient and trained (Harris, 2012). This research study will be helpful for the employees, managers, researchers, economists and other concerned person as it will help in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of employees as well as in enhancing safety measures at the workplace particularly of the organizations in the petrochemical industry. The research study will include different sub-topics as well. For instance, the research will also analyze different training methods that are helpful in the industry. The research will analyze how on-job training and e-learning method can be effective. The research will also suggest and recommend different strategies to further enhance the existing system and training methods used. Training is used to develop the skills and capabilities of the employees. Training is helpful in managing the workforce and their productivity. Training is also helpful in making sure that the employees are safe from any kind of chemicals used or present at the plant (Cogent, n.d.). training helps in enhancing the productivity level of the employees. It is considered as an investment and the returns of this investment are reported in the form of higher productivity, enhancement of skills of employees, ability to better manage the tasks and several other benefits (Bartel, 2000). Training is an important aspect of motivating the human resource. Human resource is considered as the main asset that gives the organization competitive advantage. Thus,

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