Thursday, October 31, 2019

Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker Essay

Journey of the Universe by Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker - Essay Example Another account of existence of human a being is given in the bible which states that man was created by God and in the true image of God. The scientific and biblical accounts of the human beings have been of confusion to many people as they do not understand which account if the correct. Apart from the origin of the human beings, another thing that is not well understood is the role of the human beings in the Universe and the dimensions into which humans should exercise their roles. In the book, Journey of the Universe, Swimme and Tucker put it, â€Å"everything in the Universe exists in a physical and a spiritual dimension and that Universe presents a deep transfiguration process (Swimme & Tucker, 2011). They add that truth love and compassion should prevail amongst the human creature and should be regarded as divine. Personal Belief about Existence In my opinion, my deepest beliefs about the existence of humans in encrypted in religion. According the religion that I believe, exis tence of human beings is explained as the work of God who created a man and put him in the Garden of Eden. Then thereafter everything unfolds to show the responsibilities given to man by the creator. One of the major reasons that make me believe in this ideology is that the process of creating heaven and the earth was sacred as planned by God and the last step to create man, was more sacred. The first account of creation explains that God created Heaven and Earth by his words. For instance, he said, â€Å"Let there be light.† However, the creation of man took a different dimension whereby God molded some clay and breathed in. After creation, God also said that he created man in his image. This gave human being a special recognition in the Universe. During the second account of the creation, God introduced the man into the Garden of Eden and gave him responsibility of everything that was there. In fact, man was given the responsibility of naming all the creatures that were cre ated by God. Man was also given the responsibility for the Garden of Eden and was allowed all the freedom but denied eating the fruit of wisdom. All this story line of creation emphasizes that existence of human beings solely takes a religious dimension. The other explanation of existence such as spiritual and scientific amongst others do not explain some issues, which I believe are important in human existence. For instance, they don’t explain the sacred life of a human being (Swimme & Tucker, 2011). In the scientific explanation of existence, man is told to have evolved from the Ape species and having undergone various steps of evolution, he reached the stage of the current man whose predecessor is Homo sapiens sapiens. In the whole evolution story, the holiness of man is not explained at all. What the entire story gives is that man gained experience after each evolutional phase. Everybody in the Universe can witness the specialty of human beings in deeds, beliefs and innov ations. Hence to me, any existence story that does not account man as sacred and special creature is wrong. Personal Views on a Human Being and His Roles Having followed the story of creation, I consider myself a unique creature amongst other creatures. One of the major reasons that give me the pride as a human is that I have the power and wisdom to control other creatures; the power that is given to all human beings. That is the reason as to why man was able to tame other creatures now referred to as domestic animals. As a human creature, I can therefore, rear such animals and know their needs in every day’s life. In addition to that, I have leadership and organizational skill. This

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